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No HIGHS, no LOWS, must be BOSE?! 901 Sound Clips with Commentary!

Disclaimer: YES, I am well aware the 901's are pulled out into the room. I explored a number of locations in my room and chose this as the best compromise for now. I'll be exploring other placement options as the videos progress. Thanks, be patient and let's explore the 901s one step at a time. Thanks for watching and enjoy the video!
*All the tracks I use in sound clips are available to download as a perk for patrons!
No highs, no lows, must be Bose? 901 Sound clips with commentary!
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New Record Day : Disclaimer: YES, I am well aware the 901's are pulled out into the room. I explored a number of locations in my room and chose this as the best compromise for now. I'll be exploring other placement options as the videos progress. Thanks, be patient and let's explore the 901s one step at a time. Thanks for watching and enjoy the video!
epikrato : I had the 6th gens back in early 2000 in my basement room agents 2 concreate walls in the corners with allot of dampening in the room and they sounded really good for me. That being said, I have herd them 4 or 5 times in other peoples homes and I hated the way they sounded. And this was on a limited edition Adcom amp and an Onkyo receiver. Not the best stuff for the setup. I guess placement and room geometry is key.
Joe Cue : I sold them back in the 80's and 90's. No other speaker demanded proper placement than 901's. You definitely have them too far from the wall. And the wall has to be solid. No windows. They are definitely not an audiophile's speakers. They sound very colored. And the worst thing about them really is the listener's fatigue. You get worn out from listening to them after a short while. They were not cheap at $999 each plus the EQ and the stands. The black piano finish ones cost even more . We sold DCM Time Windows and JBL L100T's as well. I liked those a lot more than than 901's. Imo the best speakers Bose back in the 80 and 90's were really the 501's and 601's. The 301's were not bad for $160 each then.
Oat Meal : They sound very "live" in terms of how music sounds in a concert. Depending on where you are its mostly very midy, lacking highes and lowes. So maybe these speakers are great in a way.
Mark Fischer : I am very familiar with these speakers. I have many others and I've pretty much had to re-engineer all of them. This one was possibly the toughest challenge of them all. My room that they are in is 14 x 14 with a cathedral ceiling and a lot of glass on two walls and glass in a pair of French doors. So here is my analysis of this speaker's problems and how I fixed them. I struggled for four years. Was it worth it? Without a doubt. BTW, I don't consider myself an audiophile in the usual sense of the term, I'm an engineer. My points of view are different. I engineer sound fields because that I what reaches my ears.

I have the originals bought new in 1970. The only different between the originals and series II besides the small Bose badge are the off normal eq settings. Operating the system without the eq is like operating a conventional speaker without its crossover network. So it's an integral part of the speaker system. The original and series II are the only ones that interest me. This design is an acoustic suspension design That must be sealed. Inspecting them after all these decades the putty around the drivers that originally sealed them had dried out and cracked. Rather than take the whole thing apart to replace the putty I used clear GE silicone around each one bridging the driver frame and the wood restoring its air tightness. The surrounds are cloth and were in remarkably good shape. To test for air tightness once the silicone had dried I push one of the cones in and all of the others popped out instantly, no air leaks. BTW the drivers are high quality 30 watt 4" units made by CTS we'd today call midwoofers. So they are not cheap table radio speakers.

The crux of the problem for these speakers are three serious frequency response anomalies. Two are amenable to further equalization. One in my room is a broad 7 db peak at 250 hz. Bose said he wanted to get the system resonance above 180 hz where he said in his white paper phase shift at resonance became inaudible. Well he managed it but the speaker is underdamped so a corresponding cut has to be made in that region. It was well documented at the time by reviewers but they said it was inaudible. They were wrong. The other problem in the deep bass is that acoustic suspension speakers fall off at 12 db per octave but Bose's equalizer only gives a 6 db per octave boost. That's 18 db at 30 hz but it needs another 12. This means that the system requires about 600 to 1000 watts per channel to have the same output at 30 hz as 1 watt produces at 1 khz. But the systems are only rated for 270 watts per channel and that would overload them. The solution is multiple pairs per channel and a high powered amplifier. I'd say about 3 or 4 systems. BTW the aggregate surface radiation area of the drivers is equivalent to a 14" driver. With my 138 wpc Marantz receiver driving them it's easily overloaded unless the below 40 hz 10 db shelf filter engaged. It still can produce very deep bass below 30 hz with a rated 10% THD. By comparison AR3 produces 5% THD at 30 hz. That fixed the bass although because the human ear is very sensitive to changes in bass loudness it has to be adjusted for each recording. This can be seen from the way the subjective loudness curves are squashed together at low frequencies on the Fletcher Munson curves.

So the bass took four days. The treble took four years. The midwoofers are terrible tweeters. No matter how much power you pump into them they won't produce the top octave of sound. I agree with Gordon Holt's comment that they have too much inertial mass. What's more at 4" even if they could produce high treble on axis dispersion would be horrible. The solution was to make them a two way speaker biamplifying them with an array of 3/8" poly tweeters crossed over at about 9 khz with a single pole network (series capacitors.) Each speaker has 6 tweeters, one facing forward, 3 on the back facing diagonally back on both sides and one straight back.There are two facing the ceiling. Getting this to where I wanted it is what took 4 years. They don't produce much sound but it makes a world of difference.

So the end result is a pair of speaker systems with flat frequency response over the entire audible range, you don't have to blast them to hear deep bass, they are as clear and accurate as any and retain all of the special properties that attracted so many people to Bose 901 in the first place. I keep them about a foot from the wall behind them and the space is open between and on both sides along the side walls so that the full lateral reflections can arrive without being blocked. They are extremely clear and accurate when properly adjusted. BTW it often takes one click down on the Bose eq from normal to remove the upper midrange lower treble slight peak you noticed. Do I have the best Bose 901s in the world? I think so.
South West Florida : you have a lot of free time, and if you dont like comments, neg and pos, dont post on a Public forum
Drew Hurst : Thanks for posting this as is.
Great for People to be able to compare.
Not hearing them under ideal circumstances is better than not hearing them at all.
Drew Hurst : To hear these as they were intended:
1 Position cabinets so they are facing directly out of the corner (45 degrees to how You have them now), between 1 - 2.5 feet away from the wall
2 Connect the 901 EQ, IT'S NOT AN OPTIONAL EXTRA (EQ how ever You like after that)
3 Use an Amp with a high damping rating and Increase amp wattage 1.5 x (or to somewhere between the rated power, and a little (5-10%) less than double the rated power)
The difference will be night and day, and, how they were meant to sound.
jorrma jortikka : Those are very unique system, first frontwall should be hard and wide. No windows or curtains, sidewalls must be far 2m to 3m. Tracks from 60s to 70s like Neil Diamond and Frank Sinatra also own eq-system. Still they are "special"
Robert Marshall : I recently reviewed an Aston Martin DB5, circa 1965. Full disclosure, I don't have any experience driving one and don't know anything about its history, design motivation, nor have I ever read its service manual or owners guide. I don't even know what features it came with. I was immediately dissppointed in the car's lack of air conditioning, the lack of power steering and that throaty rumbling heard from the exhaust pipes. The way I look at it, I can get all those things along with excellent fuel efficient in a Honda Civic. Another thing too, when I drove it it did not drive like all the other modern cars I have owned. It was different. My conclusion is that the Aston Martin DB5 just doesn't measure up to today's cars, such as the Honda or Toyota. I'm just bing fair and objective. Aston Martin DB5's just don't measure up.

BOSE 901 VI Guitar

AUDIODIO audio \u0026 music channel
Marilou Rilloraza : I Love Bose 901 VI check out my setup
Homme fatale S.Y Kim : 스피커와 같이 구동하신 컴포넌트 브랜드랑 모델명 좀 알 수 있을까요?? 901-6 매칭을 찾고 있는데...딱 제가 찾던 소리입니다.
dud bois : 3+
deekay2 : What are those things in the corners of the room??
xenig ron : beautiful!
Niki Tarbi : Placed wrong man

Bose 901 Series VI sound A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!

Bose 901 Series VI Speakers, Original Owner, Factory Upgraded Drivers. Sorry about the focus.... but its the sound that counts....

Hope Against Hope by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/
Mr. Bose : And they are not set-up as they should. Love 901's
Mr. Bose : I agree, love Bose for several decennia!
thomas dieter : Thank you for showing your equipment.
My first Bose 901 where Series II which I bought in the 70th.
Some years ago I upgraded to Series VI.
I like the direct reflecting sound created by those 18 full range speakers inside and the capabilities of the active equalization.
If you like you can listen to my pair of 901.

sudakar yesupatham : Hello if any one really knows about 901 and setup properly with correct hook up with EQ ,pre amp ,and power amp minimum 200w or above
It’s really kicked up your ass with tight bass with huge sound stage overall perfect all kind music with my 901VI
yatin chitre : Which AV Receiver match well with Bose 901 speakers.
John Adams : All mid range sound. Poor coherence and very little dynamic range. A 1970's forgettable speaker.
DragonLightz : Errr.... you do realise that Bose 901 was intended for classical music, right? But, of course, it sounded good here too.
Jon Donnelly : any speaker sound fine playing elevator music
SuprG X : Nice clean sound, 1 place them per the manual 2, add a good subwoofer. Missing bottom end then you will really be impressed.
Samuel Salins : Brilliant sound stage




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