Cure Sparkle's Transformation Item DIY ✨ Healin' Goo…

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The trio has finally assembled
We waited the entirety of February for Cure Sparkle, our little bundle of joy, and she'll be here in a few hours!
Here's hoping that she gets the good ol' Itaoka treatment~

This magical bottle charm is inspired by Cure Sparkle's transformation item, the Light Element Bottle

Precure Operation, Cure Touch✨

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Most of my DIYs use UV resin, a wonderful yet HIGHLY TOXIC material suitable for older teens and adult audiences! Please take caution when handling resin!

#precure #resin #resinart


-Glass Bottle

~Resin related~
-Clear yellow resin (premade)
-Gold resin (leftovers)
-UV resin (high viscosity)
-UV lamp
-Mini diamond mold

-#2058 Tangerine SS9 ×2

-Nail deco holo crystal: diamond
-Gold diamond nail deco parts ×4
-Gold balls ×4
-Silver sparkle shape charms ×2
-Rose gold crown
-Yellow gem tiara nail deco
-Clear glass bead 6mm ×1


Kevin Macleod- Electrodoodle

Track : Bright Daylight
Music by 브금대통령
Music provided by 브금대통령
Watch : https://youtu.be/aVWGStSO5D4

Track : The Walking Cat
Music by 브금대통령
Music provided by 브금대통령
Watch : https://youtu.be/tA-t_wpcqlE

Track : Blue Sky
Music by 브금대통령
Music provided by 브금대통령
Watch : https://youtu.be/SZwB8Omdan4


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