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Here are some real video of the full screen glue adhesive tempered glass.(s8, s8plus, note 8, s9, s9plus, note 9 ,s10 ,s10e)

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UV light full glue tempered glass is a new product from EHANG to solve many issues that you might face from installing any Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ screen protectors. For the first time, full application glue, high explosion-proof 6d tempered glass, best impression of touch sensitive and case friendly, full screen cover

3D curved full adhesive Tempered glass are designed using innovative process that enhance its flexibility and ability to absolve more touch insensitive. Full screen protection gives you more security

EHANG®— a company focused on screen protector product development, more new products, Please pay attention to us, don't forget to click the Like and Subscribe button.


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